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PEN Internacional
Bled, Eslovenia
11-13 de mayo, 2022


    El film RESISTIR hizo parte del programa oficial de este encuentro.
    Fue presentada el 11 de mayo del 2022 en medio de un
    ambiente de escritores ávidos por descubrir
    esta realización en torno a la poesía contemporánea y la cultura latinoamericanas.

    Rocío Durán-Barba - Film Resistir. 54avo ENCUENTRO INTERNACIONAL DE ESCRITORES. - Film Résister. 54e RENCONTRE INTERNATIONALE DES ÉCRIVAINS - PEN Internacional
    Tanja Tuma Presidente de PEN Eslovenia -Tanja Tuma Président de PEN Slovénie - Rocío Durán-Barba

    Tanja Tuma, presidenta de PEN Eslovenia, 
    y Rocío Durán-Barba dirigieron unas palabras antes de la proyección.

    El evento fue honorado por la presencia del presidente
    de PEN Internacional, Burhan Sönmez.

    Emmanuel Pierrat, Alix Parodi, Teresa Cadete, Bruno Mercier, Sergej Roic, Rocío Durán-Barba

    Autoridades y personalidades de distintos centros PEN asistieron a la velada:
      Emmanuel Pierrat, presidente del Comité de escritores para la paz, quien
    presidió el 54º Encuentro Internacional de escritores en Bled.
    Alix Parodi, Teresa Cadete, Bruno Mercier, Sergej Roic…

    Tanja Tuma y RESISTIR, Antología de poesía latinoamericana 2020 - Tanja Tuma RÉSISTER, Anthologie de la poésie latino-américaine 2020 - Rocío Durán-Barba

    El entusiasmo que despierta el film dejó en claro que es un verdadero instrumento para la difusión de la antología Resistir y de la poesía contemporánea latinoamericana.


    I am happy I had the opportunity to watch the movie RESISTIR about the Latin American anthology because it gave me the knowledge and inspired me. I am happy I learned more about the Latin American poetry scene, and also about the power of poetry. It inspired me to try to become a person who will shine light on the valuable and beautiful members of often overlooked communities, whether it was my community or any other. Thank you for teaching me and inspiring me Love,
    Marija Depanovic
    PEN Greece
    RESISTIR est un souffle doux sensuel et poétique de l’Amérique latine. Un magnifique clin d’œil vers l’Europe admirative de “latinidade”. Mágico. Gracias! Muchas gracias!
    Milena Smit
    PEN Slovénie
    It was such a pleasure to see this film. The importance of network and shared concerns which also recognise nuance and complexity built throughout the film so that the end result was a sense of a rich, varied world full of voices that spoke of joy and sorrow.
    Jeni Williams Wales
    PEN Cymru
    I hear all the various voices, with different “accents” and “variations” of the same idiom to witness the cohesion and the deepest desire to communicate - and to do it through poetry. All these facts contributed to an extremely powerful experience combining words, sounds, music -similar and slightly differentiated- and strong visual imprits from the many impressive locations one would want to visit one day. The experience of friendship and mutual respect that perspired from all those involved, would certainly not have been possible without the “Goddess in white”, the modern feminine Hermès (se), the communicator, the organiser, a living proof that words and art may serve as an indelible binding force that brings people together. Thank you Rocío Durán Barba !!!
    Milka Zupancic
    PEN Slovénie
    A very impressive film, I am glad to have seen it. Resistir is an important word in times of cancel culture and so many aggressions, even insides and outsides. We have published also an anthology of contemporary Colombian poets and I hope it brings our souls to closer, Latin America and Hungary and Europe. We are relatives, we are brothers. But mostly we are alone, we are alone with our daemons and silences. All is one is One Abrazos!
    Sandor Halmosi
    PEN Budapest, Hungary
    Dear Rocio, I know Latin America a bit at least. And therefore I was most impressed by Resistir and by the energy you invested in it
    Blon Groloviek
    PEN Slovénie
    J’étais émerveillée de voir la diversité des cultures latino-américaines, l’immensité du projet de l’anthologie Resistir soutenu par Rocío. On voyait bien que la poésie parle dans tout le continent avec la musique et en solidarité entre les gens et la nature. J’ai hâte de lire l’anthologie après avoir vu l’importance du projet !
    Barbara Pogacnik
    PEN Slovène
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