px Rocío DuránBarba, a writer of Ecuadorian nationality, is a novelist, poet, essayist, journalist and painter. She lives between Paris, Geneva and Quito. She has a doctorate in Law from the Catholic University of Ecuador; achieved post-doctorates in International Studies, International Law and Diplomacy at the University of Vienna, and at the Sorbonne University of Paris. She studied art at Colorado Women's College in Denver. She was professor at the Law School of the Catholic University of Ecuador. In Paris she was a UNESCO consultant and an Ecuadorian embassy advisor to that organization.
pxShe made reports for television and wrote articles for newspapers. Among other important figures, she interviewed President François Mitterrand in 1991. She has written more than 700 articles for the Equadorian newspaper El Comercio and for the Latin American's network Diarios de América. Her articles have also been published in journals and European magazines (such as Correos del Arte and Arte Hispano from Madrid, Libros Abiertos from Paris, Espacios Latinos form Lyon...).
pxRocío DuránBarba was designated the "star writer of 2007" by the International House of Poets and Writers of Brittany, France, after the institution chose her book of poems Nací en un cráter,, to be translated and studied by the ateliers of translation of the region of Saint-Malo.
pxIn 2010, the editions Caractères chose to publish her book of poems "Ecos de la eterna primavera" (Hymne à l'éternel printemps) to honour the Bicentenary of the Independence of Latin American Countries in Paris.

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pxShe is member of some groups of press and literary salons (such as the Philosophical Dialog group of Paris Sorbonne University; the literary salon La Tourraine in Paris, the Grupo América, the El Ateneo en el Ecuador...). She has been a member of the jury for the literature award Dos Mundos (Geneva). Rocío Durán-Barba has taken part in literary meetings presenting her work and carrying out poetic recitals in all principal cities of Ecuador, and in many European cities.
pxCurrently she directs a "Cultural Foundation" whose main mission is to promote Ecuadorian culture. Within this frame she directed and published a "Panoramically view of Ecuadorian culture" with the collaboration of 32 national and international experts in the subject.
pxIn 2012 a selection of "mini-tales by Ecuadorian writers" presented by her foundation got the award for translation into French of the International House of Poets and Writers or Brittany.
pxShe has exhibited her paintings in Quito, the USA and France; and these reveal themes parallel to those of her literary works. In many cases, her paintings illustrate her own books.


Biographie en français
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